About KPI

Key Performance Investigators is a company dedicated to bringing out the best performance from your organization.  Our mission is simple:

We want to bring about your best and take it further!

KPI started as the mission of it’s founder/CEO, Kevin Goodwin.  Having spent 15 years working in private and public sector organizations, it was noted that everyone wanted to be their best.  This is easy to understand from the outside of a business but not always evident internal to a company.  Once you are invested in the day-to-day operations of a business it can be easy to get tied to certain ways of doing things, certain tools, certain methods and it becomes more difficult to make the changes that every business needs to make.
When you combine that sense of organization stasis with information overload, which is all-too-common in the Information Age, you get Analysis Paralysis.  Every fix becomes a target to be blocked and every change becomes an action to be stopped.  The result of this is that changes are made by adding (adding work, adding tools, adding resources) instead of modifying (modifying work, modifying how we use our tools, modifying how resources are utilized).  There are certainly times where adding is right and necessary, but all too often adding has become the path of least resistance.

Understanding this reality, it is our AIM to help organizations, executives and managers to

  • Add (only when needed, only as much as needed)
  • Improve (whenever possible)
  • Modify (when the situation calls for it)

In the posts and pages that follow we will provide tools, techniques, models and examples that can help you and your organization push your performance to new levels.

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