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Let KPI Train You

At KPI, it is our goal to make data analysis, manipulation and presentation into your own personal tool-set.  Some aspects of this are demonstration and some are discussion, but the biggest part of our mission is the train you in the use of everyday tools that can produce valuable and insightful results when they’re used completely.  It is for this reason that we are offering training to familiarize you with some of the essential tools in data and process analysis (MS Excel and MS Visio), as well as the most commonly used presentation media (MS PowerPoint).

Training is provided via the web-conferencing tool, Cisco WebEx.  When you sign-up for a class you will be sent a link for   Class sizes are limited to 10 participants to allow adequate time for questions to be answered.  It is important to note that these each class build from the concepts taught in the previous classes.  Practice files are available for each class at a cost of $5 so you can utilize the concepts enough to let the concepts sink in.  Use and repetition is key in making these concept clear in your mind, and easily remembered.

Visit the KPI Training Shop @ http://kpi-training.myshopify.com/ to purchase your training today!

For specific topics covered in each class, keep reading…

Microsoft Excel classes

Fundamentals ($25 / participant ; 1 hour class session)

  • Fundamentals of Excel 1 (Fun1)
  1. Date/Time (as Numbers)
  2. Number Formats
  3. Autofill
  4. Text Formatting
  5. Cell Formatting
  6. Filter / Sort
  7. AutoSum
  9. Workbook / Window Views
  10. Excel Tables
  • Fundamentals of Data (Fun2)
  1. Paste Special
  2. Calculation Options
  3. Navigation of Worksheet/Workbook
  4. Manipulating Worksheet
  5. Find/Replace
  6. Undo/Redo
  7. Edit / Clear Cells
  8. Insert / Delete / Hide / Unhide Rows & Columns
  9. File Types

Intermediate *

($50 / participant ; 2-hour class sessions)

  • Introduction to Equations & Functions
  1. Order of Operations
  2. Cell Referencing
  3. Order of Operations
  4. Equations
  5. Functions
  6. Logical Functions
  7. Date & Time Functions
  • More Equations & Functions
  1. Math Functions
  2. Text Functions
  3. Lookup Functions
  4. Information Functions
  5. Cleaning Data
  6. Parsing Data
  • Charting & Graphing Data
  1. Chart Types & When to Use
  2. Basic Chart Build
  3. Basic Formatting for Charts
  4. Sparklines (only for users of Excel 2010 or later)
  • Excel Tools & Tricks 1
  1. Page Setup
  2. Print Setup
  3. Group / Ungroup
  4. Subtotal
  5. Worksheet / Workbook Protection
  6. Sharing a Workbook
  • Excel Tools & Tricks 2
  1. Text to Columns
  2. Manipulating Shapes/Objects
  3. Remove Duplicates
  4. Table Formatting
  5. Paste Special
  6. GoTo Special

Advanced ($60 / participant ; 2-hour class sessions)

  • Doing More With Data
  • Pivot Tables
  • Advanced Charting
  • Introduction to Macros

Expert ($100 / participant ; 3-hour class sessions)

  • Expert Functions
  • Data Analytics in Excel
  • Incorporating External Data
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