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Giving Effective PowerPoint Presentations

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

From Scott Strattenwww.workyourlife.com

I can’t stand poorly run meetings. However, there is one thing worse: a generic PowerPoint presentation.

You should be concerned only with one thing when presenting to an audience. That is “Has the audience come away from this with information that was in-line with the original point of the presentation?” If people leave your PowerPoint presentation armed with confusion and wonder, your presentation has failed.In a sales situation presenting information properly to prospects is vital. From introducing a product or service to closing the sale, small business cannot afford to have people walk away thinking you’ve wasted their time.

Presentations do not have a problem with lack of information. Most of the time there is too much. The biggest issue is the way you present your PowerPoint presentation.

What happens when you cloud your PowerPoint presentation with visuals that aren’t up to par? (For instance, pictures that are taken right out of the generic clipart folder and put in to fill space.) You send the message that your PowerPoint presentation will be of the generic kind, so sit back and relax, you’ve seen it before. You lose your audience before you can present your information.

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